Monday, May 6, 2019

Lilith Device Final Chapter Progress Report

Hey everyone! 

After hemming and hawing on the best way to deliver updates for a while I ultimately decided just to dust off this old blog. 

I'm looking to have the next chapter done within a few months. I've been privately testing the game with a few colleagues and have been working on mostly iteration on puzzles and story developments. As you can probably understand, after everyone has been waiting for so long there's a lot of pressure to deliver on the finale, so I've been doing a lot of rewrites on some developments, fleshing out some characters, that sort of thing.

What I've been working on lately is the addition of new slaves. As the player character has transitioned from enslaving randos one at a time to taking over entire areas of the city at once, there are less individual enslavement scenes which I know will disappoint some people. 

To make up for this, I've been adding a few secret enslavements as well as hidden codes to change your existing slaves into templates you wouldn't normally be able to access (like women that only exist during certain scenes and such.)

There's also a lot more endings and game over sequences than in past chapters, in fact there might be more in this chapter than in the rest of the game combined.

I've also been working on putting in a larger variety of endings. Most people play the game in different ways, whether they make every slave a clone of a single template, min-max the hell out of their slaves, choose whatever mutation they think is hottest, what have you.  I've also received fanmail from people that just enjoy it as a story of a mind controller who gets in over her head, and their canon end to the game is the player character just becomes a Mitsuko girl.

Trying to please everyone is obviously a fool's errand, but a good variety of endings will allow more players to find something they really enjoy. Not everyone is going to want the ending where the player converts everyone in the planet into a clone of herself but some people are going to really dig it.

Anyway, I hope this manages to alleviate some of the pain of such a long wait. I know you're all really excited and I don't want to disappoint you. As always, feel free to PM me questions either through Hypnopics or TFgamessite.

Here are a few more images to tide you over.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lilith Device Donation Stretch Goals

The bonus chapter of the Lilith Device is fully funded!

There are five separate stories that were voted on and it looks like the Empusa Device is the winner. However, voting was so close that pretty much every option had a strong standing.

So I've decided to add further stretch goals.  For each $1000 dollars donated, I will add another chapter from the list below in the order below.

1. Miss Rin victorious
What if Miss Rin had won when that pesky lady tried to rescue her friend?  Play as Miss Rin herself and enslave the city and convert them all into your special way of life. Poor dumb Mitsuko was only scratching the surface of the Biochamber's potential, you could do so much more.

2. A day in the life of a slave
You are a slave of the Device, set to work to earn money for your Mistress.  One day on the job you learn about a new controller in town determined to overthrow your Mistress.  It's up to you to stop them all the while completing tasks for the Device.  For everyone that's wanted to play as a more submissive role, here's your option.

3.  Escape the Device
You came here trying to find your sister and instead you were enslaved.  Maybe it's not too late to escape! The Device is the enemy in this one as you do your best to free yourself from enthrallment and avoid the traps Holo has created for you.

4. Nettle's Revenge
Freed from your crystal prison you get to play the Fairy Nettle, who has just been unleashed on the unsuspecting world. Run your Honey Trap inn and build yourself a comfortable harem of dolls, all while avoiding a pesky witch-hunter. 

Current Donation Progress:

You can donate at this link.  All donations are of course still subject to the rewards listed on this page.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chapter 4 is Complete!

The next chapter of The Lilith Device is finished!  You can download it right here!  In order to play it you'll need to download the beta version of RAGS.  You can download that right here!

The update is mostly about a more magical group of enemies than you've messed with before.  In order to start all the new content you need to finish Mitsuko's quests.  If you'd like to see the sidequest involving lawyers, you just need to finish the mansion and then sleep until you get the random event. 

Have fun everyone!

Monday, September 2, 2013

How about another preview?

So it's been a while so I thought I'd make another preview post.

Let's talk about the folks you'll be working with in the next chapter!

It's a cult of women whose goals will be explained in game (mostly) but I don't want to spoil things too badly so instead I'll just talk about their organizational structure for a bit.  Basically they're a bunch of classist jerks. 

The Grand Witness:

That sounds like the sort of title that will make more sense once you're in-game, doesn't it?  The Grand Witness is the leader of the cult.  She handles the overarching structure.  She leads her fellow cultists in prayer to [redacted].


A very important role, secondary only to the GW.  The scribe is there to make sure there is always a record of what happens in the cult.  There is only one scribe at any time.


There's that word again.  The Witnesses make up most of the active members.  They're witches who pray to [Redacted].  Each one has their own role in the cult and all new members have to find a role that is currently unfilled in the cult.  Otherwise...


Otherwise the new member simply becomes a drudge.  Sometimes referred to as chattel, or sometimes cheval.  Through a surprisingly simple but long ritual, a witness takes the drudge-to-be and completely removes her personality, willpower, and generally everything that makes her who she is.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Lilith Device Chapter 4 Preview:

I figured I'd take a bit to talk about what's coming in the next update of TLD.  So if you've been paying attention to the thread you know this is the chapter "Witches on Lake Innsmouth".  It's a bit different than the previous chapters in a couple of ways. 

First of all, it shouldn't take as long because there are finally no major mechanics coming in this chapter.  The biochamber cloning took most of the development cycle of version 2.00 and it's crazy complicated.

This chapter will be all story.  So that's a load off my back.  

This update is also a bit different in that it has more of a horror feel to it!  All the witches are sexy but they're still messing with some pretty funky stuff (the name of the lake should tip you off).  I'm not saying the game is going to suddenly have a bunch of jump scares and little girls with bleeding eyes, I'm just saying it's going to get creepy.  Sexy creepy.

And then there's my favorite part about this chapter, awesome environments.  I've found some really cool images to use for areas. Here are a couple of my favorites.

And if you don't care about environments then whatever!  Here's a player image to tide you over until then.

See you later!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Lilith Device Donation Rewards

The Lilith Device Donation Rewards

It has been suggested to me a few times to provide some rewards to encourage donations to the device. Normally I'd try to just put out as much as I can for free but I do need to eat on occasion.  Plus a couple of you have donated large sums of money and I feel bad that you're not getting anything out of it except for a warm fuzzy.

So if you decide to donate you can ask for a reward depending on how much you donated. You will not get lower tiers of rewards unless you donate the combined amount with the exception of passwords to access events on command.  Obviously you don't have to ask for a reward if you're doing things out of the kindness of your heart. You saint, you.  

These rewards appear for everyone unless requested otherwise. (If you add a slave to the game, it'll show up in every version for everyone you don't want it to for whatever reason.)  I'm aiming for the turn around on most of these rewards to be a week.  They make take longer depending on complexity. 


Donate $2 or more: Recieve passwords to access a couple of random events on command.  Because randomness is dumb sometimes.

Donate $5 or more: Get a playable preview of the next chapter!

Donate $15: I'll add in a sex scene for a slave of your choice who does not already have one.  You may give a little prompt or suggestion but I will be writing it myself.

Donate $20: Get a slave added to Julie's slave shop.  She'll act as decoration until you mutate her. Everything is your choice but if you don't want to think of a mutation I'll think of one for you.

Donate $30: Add a new random event to the game, comes with a unique game over.  I'll be writing it but will take your suggestions as best as I can.  

Donate $40: Get an entirely new slave of your choice added to the game.Send me the pictures and I'll throw her in there, she'll get stats, a mutation, sex and enslavement scene.  The mutation will be my choice or you could donate an additional $5 to choose your own. (But don't give me something I can't manip.  Unfortunately I can't do head swapping so most celebrity slaves are out unless you find me pictures on your own.  Might cost more if you want something particularly crazy done.)  

Donate $80: Get a new auxiliary mission of your choice added to the game. Comes with a new slave or game over of your choice or mine. 

Donate $100 or more: Become a beta tester for all future versions plus one reward of lesser value of your choice.

Donate a ton of money (like a lot a lot of money): Fuck man, I don't know. If you want to donate some crazy amount of cash to my little titty game, PM me beforehand and we'll talk it over.  I guess I could make an entirely new chapter for you?

Goal Rewards:
Current Progress towards Next Goal: $850/$1000

Once people donate enough money I'll add things to the game accordingly. These will unlock for everyone.  Most of these are things I'd like to be able to do but have to spend my time working so I can pay rent and other skeleton things. I will try to get these done on a timely manner but obviously the big one would take some time. 

$100 donated:
The conversion of Rin and Mitsuko can be reversible so they can become unique slaves. Funded!

$1000 donated: 
Entirely new chapter of The Lilith Device added to the game.


I donated to you and you never emailed me!
Sorry! Sometimes the notification email falls through the cracks.  If this happens feel free to email me at

Why does being a beta tester cost so much?
Couple reasons, first of all, I don't want too many testers, it's a pain to deal with. Secondly, testing isn't really something for fans to do, it's pretty difficult.  If you're a good tester, you'll probably get sick of the game and I don't want that to happen.  

If I donate enough to add a slave can it be pictures of my bitch of an ex-girlfriend?
I'd really, really prefer if it wasn't.  I'll look into the pictures you send me and if I see something is up, I'll issue you a refund. 

If I donate enough to add a slave can it be my girlfriend who is above 18 and consents to the use of her images in the game?
Absolutely! I'd like some proof of consent, a picture of them holding a sign that says "I want to be a TLD slave!" or something like that is the old standby of photoproof.

If I donate enough can I add in some Mdom to the game? 
Sure, I guess.  I mean there's not going to be a male slave because that'd be a headache to work into the system but there can be mdom game overs or enslavement scenes.

Why does everything cost so much?
There are two things I weigh when I think of a price, how long it will take and how many rewards of that tier I'll have to give out.  If I made a new slave $20, then I'd get a lot more requests than if it was $40, which would be good but productivity would grind to a halt as I stop to add thirty new slaves to the game. Setting the prices a bit high allows me the time to work on them.

Can we get you as a slave in game?
Oh silly, you don't even need to donate for that.